Samples of TecEco Products

TecEco are often asked for samples and are unable to comply because:

As of January 2005 we decided that we were unable to send any more free samples anywhere in the world including to libraries, research institutions etc. This unfortunately means you need to pay for a sample before we dispatch it.

If you require a sample of an Eco-Cement product we suggest you ask for a brick. The brick is free but will weigh around 10-20 Kgs depending on size and what it is made of and all we ask for is the postage cost. What is easiest for us is that we let you know when we have packed it securely and you get a courier to pick it up. Postage/Freight Calculators: Australia Post Fed Ex DHL [1] [2]

You will be asked to pay for other samples. See Purchasing TecEco Products.

For all deliveries please indicate that you have read our terms of supply

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[1] Select parcels within Australia or International parcels.

[2] Select Hobart 7011 as the origin for all parcels whether within Australia or overseas.