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The sole director director is John Harrison B.Sc B.Ec FCPA

John Harrison B.Sc. B.Ec. FCPA (Sole Director)

Aubrey John Weston Harrison (he prefers to be called John Harrison) has degrees in science and economics and was a member of many organisations (detailed resume). Apart from running a accountancy/consulting practice (John Harrison Accountants) he has had experience as a geochemist (exploration and minerals separation) and in engineering and has been responsible for a number of innovations including the tech tendon method of pre stressing. John is managing director and chairman of TecEco Pty. Ltd. and best known for the invention of TecEco cements including Eco-Cement which because it sets by absorbing CO2 has attracted significant global interest. (See publicity). John is an authority on recycling CO2, earth systems science and sustainable materials for the built environment and was the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials in Construction (AASMIC) (now defunct) and was for many years their chair. He has been the keynote speaker at many conferences and co-chaired the successful SMB2007 conference in Melbourne Australia. More recently he was a keynote at the UKIERI Congress at the National Institute of Technology in Jalandhar, India.

John is committed to finding ways of profitably reversing damaging molecular flows underlying the flow of materials through the physical economy (The techno-process). In recent times he has concentrated on the research and development of Syncarb, Carbonsafe and Gaia Engineering to solve the worlds CO2, water and waste problems. John's philosophy on sustainability.

John is keen to show large companies in the construction industry and in particular cement and concrete producers how to easily dramatically improve the sustainability of their product.


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